We’re invested in the future of our industry.

And because of that, we’re committed to developing professionals so the entire marketing field can benefit.


Sharing the Love

Our investment starts in our own agency. We are committed to developing every member of our team – no matter their position – so that we can grow as a whole and produce great work for our clients. Our mentorship program ensures that our junior employees can go to anyone in the agency for professional advice or training. We give our interns the opportunity to gain real experience as a part of our team. So, anyone who works at BrandTuitive can become a better version of themselves.

We’re paying it forward. Sharing the Love is a resource for marketing professionals looking to jumpstart their careers. We tell stories for a living – we find what is uniquely great about our clients and communicate it. The key to being truly successful in your career is being able to tell your story in a compelling way, whether in a conversation at a networking event or through your resume.

We’ve compiled our best tips, examples and stories as a resource for anyone who wants to market themselves better. Follow us on social media or come back to Sharing the Love for updated content.




Resumes aren’t templates – they’re storytelling tools.


They want to know your story. Come prepared.


We’re all human.


Shadow Day Program

One day can change your entire career.

Internship Program

A career head start unlike any other.