Horizen is a privacy-based blockchain project. Their name at the time of the engagement (ZenCash) made it seem like they were only a cryptocurrency. The client needed to communicate that beyond just a coin, the platform could be used to build useful applications.


The Movie in the Mind℠ we revealed

We learned that the project’s community members (investors and miners) felt like they were visionaries – the smart, early adopters of the coin and platform.

How we made Horizen the star

BrandTuitive renamed ZenCash, “Horizen.” The name maintains a connection to the original name while reinforcing its visionary nature that broadens the horizons of the community.

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Unexpected Thinking

Privacy platforms are often associated with questionable activity. We needed to communicate that Horizen was committed to providing privacy as a means to freedom and not for criminal use. We coined the term Responsible Privacy™ to perfectly convey what Horizen is all about.


The new Horizen name was quickly accepted and adopted by the community. They are now more widely known for their entire platform (not just their coin) and recently launched Horizen Labs, providing Sidechain-as-a-Service.



Brand Positioning
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Brand Visual Guidelines

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 “Our CEO is much more comfortable pitching projects to partners with the new name BrandTuitive helped us select. The project appears much more professional and organized. Our rebranding has generated many partnerships we could never have formed otherwise.”
— Senior Marketing Manager, Horizen