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Script writing services for video marketing

Script writing services for video marketing

Are you looking for a trained and experienced video script writer or a video script copywriter for your upcoming video marketing campaign?

If you want to use video marketing to enhance your brand presence on the Internet you have to take your video script writing very seriously.

Many people can speak impromptu.

They don’t need a video script to read from.

In fact, it may seem very “robotic” if you directly reach from a prewritten script.

Writing a video script doesn’t mean you use the script verbatim.

It is just like the way people prepare a speech.

Most of the people who want to deliver an impactful speech don’t read the entire speech in front of the audience.

They use the prewritten text just to organize their thoughts.

In the same way, you write a video script to organize your thoughts in a manner that they can help you convincingly express yourself in front of the camera without missing vital points.

Now, writing a video script doesn’t mean the subtitles that you see when watching a YouTube video. A script means having a road map, a textual roadmap that tells you how to control the flow of your video narrative.


Writing a video script or video script copywriting is an effective way of creating good videos

Uploading videos on YouTube and other video hosting websites to explain your business process or to promote your products and services is a very effective way of putting across your message.

Every professional and commercial video requires someone to write a video script.

A video script gives you a narrative.

A video script helps you in two ways:

  1. Control the flow of the video – what comes first and then what comes afterwards, and so on.
  2. The commentary or the audio message that plays with the video that tells your story.

As a professional copywriter I will write you a video script that will be crisp, conversational, to-the-point and clear.

Why video marketing is important

Why is video marketing important

Why is video marketing important?

Business videos must look and sound professional and this is why you need an expert writer who can write your script.

Even if the visual aspect of your business video isn’t sleek and sharp, what your script says matters a lot.

The words that people hear in your video can have a far-reaching effect on their buying decision.

Businesses these days create videos not just to upload them on YouTube.

Often, video is used on the landing page as an accompaniment.

It has been observed that a video on your landing page increases your conversion rate by 80%.

Another stat says that 74% users who watch an explainer video about a product subsequently buy that product.


Not everyone wants to read.

Since primitive times, our brain has been better to own that interpreting visuals and hence, people prefer to watch a video rather than go through 2000-3000 words about a concept.

Video also builds trust.

People hear your voice.

In many cases, they can even see you.

When they see your workplace, when they see you talking right at them, it becomes easier for them to relate to you, trust you, and believe in what you are saying.

Another reason why you must use video marketing or at least frequently upload videos on platforms like YouTube is because videos are good for SEO.

Search engines like Google are investing heavily on finding out how they can feature videos in search results.

Hence, businesses and individuals are already creating a database of videos so that once they begin to be ranked, these businesses and individuals already have plenty of video content that can be ranked.

On the other hand, if you start making and uploading videos when Google starts ranking them, you will be in a great disadvantage compared to those people who have already made scores of videos about their businesses, products and services.


Besides, 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile phones and hence, if you want to target people who use mobile phones, they watch more, and read less. This is primarily because it’s easier to watch videos (especially non-entertainment, instructional videos) than read text on small screen especially when there is lots of distraction around.

Why you need a professional copywriter to write your video script

Professional copywriter for video script writing

Professional copywriter for video script writing

The success of your video depends on its script.

Ultimately, it is the message that does the job for you. Merely showing moving objects and high-resolution images doesn’t solve any problem.

You know that every movie has a writer or a team of writers. Your favorite TV show has a scriptwriter. All the advertisements that you watch have copywriters. Every narrative, every story that you watch on your screen or your mobile phone, originates from a writer, a scriptwriter or a copywriter.

Why? Why don’t people simply make videos and do away with script writers? Why pay so much money to people who are never even featured in the video?

A script is the sole of your video. A video that has a story, that has a narrative, needs a scriptwriter or a copywriter. It’s storytelling.

You must have heard multiple times, “The moral of the story is…”

Every story has a moral because this is why stories were told in the olden days. Every story had a moral.

Stories still have morals. But just like the usual stories have a moral, a business story has an end-purpose – you want the viewers to become your customers and clients.

Do you think a lousy script will make your viewers fall in love with your video and consequently, become your customers? Fat chance.

No matter how great your product or service is, if people are not impressed by what you are telling them, and how you’re telling them, in your video, you are not going to be able to hook them unless you’re presenting something completely revolutionary, something like Boston Dynamics robots.

To hook them, you need a captivating, freely flowing script. To get such a script, you need a copywriter or a writer who doesn’t only understand your audience, but also knows how to talk to your audience.

What type of video script can I write as a copywriter?

A video script can be of two types: From A to Z describing every scene and every audio comment; just the speech part and the rest of the video can be prepared accordingly.

You can have an explainer video in which you explain how one of your products is used. How your service can be used. What’s the benefit of working with you. Through the video script you can explain your way of work or your process. You can tell the story of your company. You can tell the story of your idea. You can explain a difficult concept.

I can also help you change your existing blog posts, webpages and articles individual video scripts.

I can write you a video script for your YouTube channel or a YouTube video. If you want to upload a video on Vimeo I can write a script for you. Need a video for your own website? I can help you.

My video script writing process as a professional copywriter

My video script writing process as a professional copywriter

My video script writing process as a professional copywriter

The process is straightforward.

I will first understand what you intend to convey through your video. I will also try to get some idea about your audience. The language of your video script will depend on your audience. Technical words will be used if this is what your audience likes. Simple words will be used if this is what your audience likes.

Once I have gathered all the information that you want to convey, I will create a rough sketch of the narrative.

Remember that every video must end with an objective.

Although the larger picture says that you want to convert your audience into paying customers and clients, the end purpose of a particular video might be something else.

Not every video is a sales pitch. Maybe you want to raise awareness. Maybe you want to increase brand visibility. Maybe you simply want to amuse your viewers but at the same time, they must also get acquainted with your product or service.

Depending on your choice, your video can be light-hearted. It can be serious. It can be gut-wrenching if you prefer it that way. Depends on your message, your audience, and what impact you want to make.

I will divide your entire message into smaller sentences. Succinct, to-the-point. Bucket lists and hooks wherever needed.

The narrative of a captivating video is like controlling a kite without a strong wind. To fly your kite high, you need to know exactly at what points you must release the string or yank it.

As your copywriter, I will follow the same process with your video script. Strategically I will hold back the information or reveal it as per the required of the effect that is to be had.

Do I have a video script template that I follow or a sample video script? Although in most of the cases there is a certain format that needs to be followed, as such, there is no set rule, a template or a sample video script.

More reasons why you should work with a professional copywriter to write your video script

According to a 2018 study, 63% businesses in America have started using video content marketing. 82% businesses feel video marketing must be an integral part of their entire marketing strategy. YouTube has revealed that video consumption is rising 100% every year.

The chipmaker company Cisco has revealed that by 2022, 82% Internet traffic will be video traffic. Although, it doesn’t mean that most of these videos will be business-related. With millions of senseless videos being uploaded on TikTok, YouTube and Vimeo we can easily make out where most of the video traffic will be going, nonetheless, if we do is a strong medium to convey your message.

Script writing services for video marketing

Script writing services for video marketing

Video is important because it is a complete audio-visual-psychological communication mean. When you’re watching a video, all the imagery, all the commentary and all the audio data is conveyed to the viewer simultaneously. He or she doesn’t have to spend his or her time trying to imagine what you are saying. What you want to convey, is right there in your video.

A well-written, powerful script is the key for a successful video.

Need a writer  to write the script of your next video marketing campaign? Contact me.

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