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B2B copywriting services

I’m a copywriter who can help your B2B company get more business partners, customers and clients.

Fundamental tenets of copywriting

Fundamental tenets of copywriting

Whether you are a B2B company or B2C company, the fundamental tenets of copywriting are:

  • Communicate what value you deliver.
  • Write in a manner that people can relate to you.
  • Keep them hooked to your writing.
  • Continuously connect with your customers.
  • Ultimately, copywriting must help you increase your revenue.

I keep all these points in mind when writing individual sentences and paragraphs.

Some business to business examples are G Suite and Dropbox for Business; QuickBooks and SalesForce.

If your business helps another business do better business, you belong to a B2B company list.

Copywriting to communicate what value you deliver as a B2B company

The copywriter must be able to communicate the true value of your business

The copywriter must be able to communicate the true value of your business

This is one of the most important aspects of writing copy for a B2B company.

Usually when I’m writing content it is to educate and inform consumers about the capabilities of my B2B client.

But as a copywriter, I focus more on the value the B2B company delivers once people decide to work with the company.

I write for different types of B2B companies – sometimes even for those companies who already have their copy written but are observing that the writing is not delivering.

One of the biggest reasons why copywriting fails B2B companies is that it does not communicate the true value the company delivers.

For example, if you decide to hire my copywriting services, it goes without saying that I write exceptionally well.

You are paying for good quality copywriting. That goes without saying.

But, what value do I deliver?

My copywriting helps you generate more leads, increase sales and improve your search engine rankings.

These are the values that I deliver.

These are the values that I must communicate to you while you’re going through information on my website and trying to decide whether you should hire me or not.

Why qualified copywriting services matter to a B2B company?

In the B2B landscape, the stakes are higher. The money that you spend on products and services, isn’t just on the higher side, it also has a direct impact on the growth of your business.

For example, if you are a B2B company and you want to hire my copywriting services, your business depends on what I write.

People will come to your website or landing page, go through the information (that I’ll be writing) and then decide the future course of action.

My writing may send them away or may convince them to buy from you.

So, naturally, you need to be very careful before you hire me as a copywriter for your B2B business.

In fact, as a side note, when some B2B clients are reluctant to pay my usual rates, I immediately know that they don’t understand the true value of the written word on their website.

Your business depends on what’s written on your website.

If people are not impressed with your writing, if your writing is not convincing, if your writing does not communicate what value you can deliver, people won’t do business with you.

So, on this page, I’m going to help you make up your mind if you need a copywriter for your B2B website. And if you feel confident enough to hire me as your copywriter.

I offer copywriting services for B2B marketing

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When people come to my website, they assume I write content, even when they expect me to write copy.

There’s a difference.

Although elsewhere on my website I’ve explained the difference between content writing and copywriting in detail, I’ll quickly touch upon the topic here.

Content writing is about informing and educating. It’s also about SEO.

Content is crucial for content marketing.

You use content writing to fill up your website or blog with lots of useful information that people can consume, educate themselves and then decide to do business with you.

You can also use content writing to write content for other websites – other blogs and online publications and social media and social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and then use your content to boost inbound marketing.

Through content writing you explain to people what your product or service does, how it solves problems and it makes people’s lives easier. You also tell the search engines like Google what sort of information is mostly on your website so that accordingly they can analyze and rank your content.

Copy writing sells and convinces.

The purpose of copy writing is to turn casual visitors and to paying customers and clients.

It may also be about SEO, and it may also be about informing and educating, but mostly it is about selling. The result of every copywriting exercise is to sell or to encourage the other person to click your “call to action” icon, button or link.

It’s persuasive.

With content writing, people read, appreciate, and then go on with their lives.

With copywriting, they decide to spend money on your product or service.

This is the biggest difference: with content writing you inform and educated, with copywriting you sell.

With this out of the way, while I write content, I’m also an experienced copywriter, which means, I can help you sell more with my writing skills.

When am I writing sales copy for your B2B company?

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Writing B2B sales copy

When you want me to sell.

It can be your homepage. Your services page. Your products and services descriptions page.

When you want people to do business with you after having read the copy present on your webpage, it becomes copywriting.

When you send an email urging people to buy from you, I’m not writing as a content writer for your B2B email marketing campaign, I’m writing as a copywriter.

My copywriting process when I’m writing for a B2B company

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B2B copywriting process

The writing process is straightforward. You want people to read your copy and not just read, buy from you after reading it.

But, for that to happen, you need to capture their attention.

You must tell them something compelling, something that immediately grabs their attention and makes them read the next sentence. Something that keeps them on the proverbial edge of their seat.

People in B2B don’t like fluff. It’s serious business. The stakes are high. They will be spending lots of money on you if they get convinced.

Hence, they need real information. They are busy people, so you don’t want to waste their time. You don’t want to use extra words but at the same time, you want to use the right words to hit the right emotional chords.

If your copy is not emotional, they are not going to buy.

Yes, I can hear you saying that what has emotion got to do with their serious business decision?

Why do you go for a business lunch or a business dinner or a business breakfast?

When you make a presentation, why do you want to include attractive graphics and visuals?

Why do you want to have an elegant layout for your website?

Why do companies spend millions of dollars sometimes on a logo?

Emotional connection. You want to make an emotional connection. You need to appeal to something inside rather than simply talking about facts and figures.

I will also spend considerable amount of time understanding your product or service and what it exactly delivers to your end users. What impact it makes. How it benefits your buyers. Are your buyers really going to benefit?

After understanding your deliverables, I will try to understand your buyers.

What problems do they face? What worries do they have? What problem they plan to solve by buying your product or service? What stops them from buying your product or service? What are their apprehensions? What are their worries? What will make them happy and satisfied?

I will address all these issues as a copywriter.

My copywriting can sell more because I write my copy from the perspective of your users. I empathize with them. After all, they are the ones who will be buying from you.

Want to know more about my B2B copywriting services? Contact me today.

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