Press release writing services

Press release writing services

Press release writing services

A press release helps you establish your credibility and also gets you instant visibility especially if you publish a press release on reputed news outlets.

I provide press release writing services to businesses and organizations.

As your preferred writer for press release, I will deliver you crisply written literature exactly the way updates are published in newspapers and industry magazines.

Writer for press release

Writer for press release

For a long time press release publishing services have been used for their SEO benefits as these websites are highly rated by Google for publishing genuine, informative content, on an ongoing basis.

Through a press release you can

  • Get a feature story announcing the latest mobile app that you’re launching;
  • Talk about an industry event that you participated in;
  • Disseminate information about a new product or a new service you’re launching;
  • Brag about your sales accomplishments, recognition and awards; or
  • Tell the world about the new talent that you have recently hired that has embellish the profile of your company.


Why get press release writing help from me? What makes me the right writer for press release

Why get press release writing help?

Why get press release writing help?

I will write your press release in a professional manner as well as using a conversational tone.

I have published in traditional publications like newspapers and magazines – and I did that when there was no blogging and no concept of content marketing.

I know how to write a press release for an event. I know how to write a press release for a product or a service.


I don’t follow a sample press release template – every writing project is unique for me.

I have years of experience writing advertising material, web content, blog posts, white papers and feature articles.

But that’s beside the point.

As your chosen writer for press release, I know how to convey important, newsworthy information in news format.

Just pick up a newspaper and go to the business section and see how various business-related news are published.

To deliver effective press release writing services, one should be able to write like a journalist or a news reporter.

Although most of the clients are looking for a writer for press release writing help hoping that by publishing their press release on a high-traffic website they will improve their SEO, there are two reasons why businesses want to publish a press release:

  1. Business journalists track these websites and if they pick up one of your press releases, your business will get a wide coverage even in the traditional print media.
  2. SEO, of course. Reputed websites like PR Newswire are highly trusted by Google and if you get a link from there, it can boost your search engine rankings.


SEO press release writing help

Although there are multiple reasons to work with a press release writing service, one of the main reasons why online businesses seek press release writing help is to improve SEO.

This is where an experienced SEO writer can help you.

Good content is good for SEO

Good content is good for SEO

If you want to improve your search engine rankings through your press release, you naturally want all your primary, secondary and LSI keywords covered within the write-up.

At the same time, your press release must look professional, journalistic and newsworthy.

I have lots of experience writing for search engines – using your keywords and search terms without making them too obvious.

Press release websites anyway enjoy better search engine rankings and on top of that if your write-up is optimized for your keywords, it’s easier for your press release to rank well.

But, this can quickly turn into a misadventure if an inexperienced writer ends up over using your keywords even by a small margin.

I will make sure that your press release is optimized for all your keywords (my suggestion, maximum two) while keeping your copy engaging, informative, journalistic and professional.

Do I provide press release writing and distribution service?

Not distribution. Though, you can approach major press release websites on your own and negotiate pricing with them.

Being a freelance press release writer I mostly concern myself with creating the copy and delivering it to you in your inbox.

There are many companies that write press releases and may also distribute them for you and you are welcome to work with them.


Of course, they are expensive. My press release writing service on the other hand, I don’t like to use the word “cheaper”, is less expensive.

You can decide going with a cheap press release writing service but then it will be a costly lesson to learn that when it comes to the reputation of your business, compromising can be catastrophic.

When should you decide to work with a press release writer?

When should you hire a press release writer?

When should you hire a press release writer?

Remember that writing a press release is a serious business.

Once your press release is published on one of the websites and once it is picked up by business journalists, there will be no turning back.

This is why, a press release must be written with great care – hence the need to work with a press release writing service or a trained content writer to write your press release.

The benefits of publishing a press release

Listed below are a few benefits of publishing a press release whether you use a press release writing service or you do it without some sort of external press release writing help:

  1. Instant exposure: Since most of the press release publishing platforms receive very high traffic, you can generate instant exposure for your business and brand, or the new product that you are launching.
  2. Get more sales: This is when it becomes important to hire a writer for press release because a well-written press release can get you more sales.
  3. Boost your content marketing plan: Often, it is quite difficult to convince other publishers to publish your content, but if you have a well-written press release the publishing platforms or online newspapers will gladly publish it, sometimes free, sometimes for a fee.
  4. Establish yourself as an authority or an industry expert: You have just delivered a lecture in a conference. You have just come up with a new theory. You have just introduced a new way of doing business. You can write about it in a press release and gain exposure as an authority figure in your industry.
  5. Increase direct traffic to your website: If your press release is featured in one of the main sections of a high traffic website, you can generate lots of traffic for your website.
  6. Improve SEO: Most of the news websites and press release websites enjoy higher search engine rankings and a link from these websites can help you improve your SEO.
  7. Build relationships with journalists: As your business grows, you will need more brand exposure. By publishing high quality press releases you help journalists find quality literature on your various business development activities, which makes them reach out to you for more information.
  8. Attract investors: Whether you are a start-up or a small business needing investors, publishing a high-quality press release can be highly useful. Prospective investors are constantly scouring press release websites to come across new investment opportunities. Qualified press release writing services can help you publish literature people can trust and believe in.

If you take your public relations strategy seriously, regularly writing and publishing press releases should be an integral part of content marketing.

Contact me today to know more about my press release writing services and how I can provide you press release writing help.


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