Content writing services for LinkedIn articles

Content writing services for writing LinkedIn articles

Content writing services for writing LinkedIn articles

Through my content writing services I can help you publish authoritative LinkedIn articles and as a result, become a thought leader. This can help you build trust and credibility with your customers and clients. They begin to take you seriously.

Content writer for LinkedIn articles

Why is thought leadership so important on the Internet?

It is important because although these are the times of post-Covid Zoom meetings, you rarely meet people face-to-face. Also, let me give you my own example, for every content writer, there are 50 other content writers you can find for your business or for writing linking articles. Why would you choose me?

You will choose me if you respect my views.

How do you respect my views? You respect my views when you come across authoritative content written by me.

If you are looking for a content writer you can trust, whom are you going to work with? Someone you have rarely come across on LinkedIn or even through email or other social media networks, or someone you regularly come across through useful updates and LinkedIn articles?

You may say that why am I not publishing LinkedIn articles regularly as a content writer?

My case is different. I already have a thriving blog in the sense that I generate good amount of traffic through my own content writing and copywriting blog. I want to keep all my content at a single place.

Consequently, all the articles and blog posts that I could have written for LinkedIn, I end up publishing on my own blog. That is a different issue.

LinkedIn is a thriving platform of professionals who are looking for business opportunities. Unlike other social networking platforms, people are not put off if you approach them for professional reasons. Nonetheless, very few people like to be approached directly.

What they like instead is, coming across authoritative material from you and then deciding on their own whether they want to work with you.

Through authoritative LinkedIn articles, people are drawn to your profile and from your profile, they can read about your professional capabilities – what value you can deliver to them.

Why hire my content writing services to publish LinkedIn articles?

I can write research-based articles. I can write topical articles. If you want to publish long LinkedIn articles to display your depth of knowledge of a particular topic, I can write that.

All I need is the title, a basic outline, and if possible, some reference links from where I can get the relevant information for your LinkedIn article. Even if you cannot obtain reference links, it does not matter, I can find them by myself but of course, I may charge for the time I am spending researching material.

What are the benefits of publishing LinkedIn articles?

LinkedIn is widely used by B2B marketers. It is one of the most effective ways to grow your audience based on your business. People normally share regular posts, photos and videos, and sometimes, such non-distinguishable updates can become a noise rather than enabling you to convey your expertise.

This is where publishing LinkedIn articles can help you stand out. Everybody publishes posts. In fact, polls on LinkedIn are becoming a nuisance. There is little to distinguish you from other LinkedIn users.

Articles are long pieces of content. In case your LinkedIn article is featured by the editorial board, this can instantly enhance your visibility and draw thousands of visitors to your profile, or even to your website.

A great thing about LinkedIn is your target audience is already following you. You may already have thousands of followers (it’s fine if you don’t have thousands). You may already have contacts. The contacts of your contacts can see your updates when they like your article, comment on it, or share it on their own timeline. You increase your visibility vertically and horizontally.

What type of LinkedIn articles can I write?

As a professional content writer I can write a variety of LinkedIn articles, for example

  • Demonstrating your expertise over a topic.
  • Describing various professional activities of your organization.
  • Industry insights.
  • Press releases and news breaks.
  • Your existing repurposed blog posts.
  • Feature release.

Are you looking for a professional content writer to write your next LinkedIn article? Contact me today for more information.

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