Blog writing service

Blog writing service

You business requires a professional blog writing service to keep your blog content fresh, relevant and up-to-date. Running a successful blog replete with engaging content requires an ongoing effort, and as a business owner it might be difficult to churn out quality blog posts on a regular basis. Hiring a full-time blog writer may also prove cumbersome and costly. The best and the most efficient way to go is, partnering with a blog writing service and working with an experienced blog content writer.

Why you need a blog writing service

Running a successful blog with all the attached benefits doesn’t just involve writing and publishing. Businesses publish blogs to

  • Keep their audience constantly engaged
  • Give people a reason to visit the website repeatedly
  • Develop a vibrant community around the brand
  • Provide useful information just when people need it
  • Develop a broadcasting platforms with its own dedicated audience
  • Become an authority voice in the niche
  • Maintain a positive buzz under their social networking profiles
  • Give other website owners and blog publishers a reason to link
  • Improve search engine rankings

Most of the small businesses want to maintain an active blog for the last reason – improve search engine rankings – although it is not the only reason why your business must have a blog.

A blog writing service such as mine gives you a wholesome solution that brings to you all the benefits listed above. Even if you are a good writer, very soon running a successful blog in itself becomes an activity better handled by a dedicated person.

Blog writing service from an SEO perspective

Even if you want to publish a regular blog merely for the sake of SEO, you constantly need fresh, relevant and search engine optimized content. Before every blog post you will need to carry out proper keyword research and analysis. How you create your title, SEO parameters, description and finally the body content, have a deep impact on your overall search engine rankings. You need to use keywords at strategic locations without sounding spammy and the subtle things can only be taken care of by experienced blog writing service.

Just as quality is important, equally important is regularity. Do you know that the search engine crawlers set the pace of crawling and indexing your webpages and blog posts according to the frequency of publishing? For instance, if you publish twice a week your blog automatically begins to get crawled and indexed twice a week. If you refresh your blog multiple times in a day, your new content can appear on search engine result pages within a couple of hours – I myself have experienced that with one of my own blogs. Intermittent blog publishing doesn’t help you much. Even if you publish one blog post every Wednesday, stick to the schedule.

As a business owner this might be a problem for you. Suppose you are a lawyer and it is hard for you to regularly take time out of your schedule. It can be of massive help if there is a blog writing service constantly taking care of your blog. It doesn’t even cost you much. My blog writing service can

  • Research your market and compile a list of keywords
  • Create unique blog titles for ongoing blog publishing
  • Take care of your SEO needs including interlinking and meta tags optimization
  • Maintain a sense of relevance throughout the publishing
  • Maintain a high standard of quality on an ongoing basis
  • Create unique content that will be highly useful to your audience
  • Help you maintain a community around your online presence
  • Submit your latest blog posts to all your social media and social networking profiles

Blog writing service to improve your conversion rate

Do you know that my blog writing service can improve your conversion rate? You see when I write blog posts for you, improving search engine rankings isn’t my only focus, although my attempt is always in this direction. But by the end of the day you evaluate the performance of your blog writing service by the amount of business it generates for you, and the business can only be generated by a better conversion rate. If your conversion rate is not good, no matter how much traffic your blog is able to generate, you’re not going to get much business. So as a blog writing service provider, aside from providing you search engine optimized content, I also create content that turns your visitors into paying customers and clients.

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