The Movie in the Mind℠ we revealed

Clients want to know that their highly complex, high-stakes projects are in good hands. They want to be able to sleep at night trusting that the firm they selected has the expertise to do the project once and do it right.

How we made MRCE the star

BrandTuitive completely transformed MRCE’s look and messaging – from their logo to their tagline, website and marketing materials. Their modernized visual identity conveys their sophisticated work and inventive solutions.

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Unexpected Thinking

BrandTuitive coined the term Treasury of Knowledge℠, a simple way to encapsulate and market the unparalleled knowledge MRCE has accumulated over its long history. This bank of unique assets and library of resources enables MRCE to deliver work that no other firm can.


MRCE looks and speaks in a completely new, modern way. Their website tells a meaningful story. Employees can more easily communicate what they do. And MRCE is experiencing some of its best sales years in its long history.



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“The BrandTuitive branding experience supported our confidence in them. Our employee team really embraced the updated image they developed. We completed the updated website because of their perseverance and consistent support. It has been a marketing success!”
— Partner, MRCE